Sailing lessons

We have different kind of courses, depending on their duration or their nautical discipline. The sailing school is open all the year, we just try to adjust to the schedules of our students.

We work with the standards of the Catalan Sailing Federation (FCV), and for this reason we are awarded with the golden sail granted by the Catalan Sailing School.

The general objectives of the courses are:

  • Introduction to the nautical terminology.
  • Learn the basic tasks to sail.
  • Mastering basic maneuvers during navigation.
  • Improve,  if it’s necessary, the skills of correct sailing.
  • Understanding sport as an approximation to the sea culture.
  • Become aware of the importance of safety in the activities developed on natural environment.
  • Encourage the fondness to sailing and formation of dinghy race’s competitors.
  • Transmit other values ​​such as respect and knowledge of the marine environment and team-working.


All programs included in the price:

  • Necessary equipment: neoprene, life vest and tender support.
  • A technician of the FCV and an insurance.
  •  The right to use the facilities of the Sailing Club.

We have different dinghies to suit your needs, just as we have specialized technicians in each of these.

If you want to know more about schedules out off summer season contact us or fill the form that you will find by clicking the inscriptions image.

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